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Create your brand identity through the power of video. From video logo intros to full video presentations, professional Video Marketing will turn your viewers into instant buyers! Don’t just tell people about your business, show them and be seen!

Video is a quick and highly effective way to promote your business, products and services to potential customers. A well structured and fully optimised video will capture and hold the attention of your viewers. When someone lands on your site, they are four times more likely to look at a video than anything else and if your video includes a call to action they are four times more likely to get in touch with you.

Over 1/3 of web traffic currently comes from online video and by 2013 a staggering 90% of all traffic on the internet will be on video so now is the time to get your business seen on video.

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How To Get More Leads


This video discusses how to get more leads for your business.
It discusses what you might currently be doing using social media or free ways but gives you ideas on how to get more leads.

0:08.5 — leads are the life blood of your business
0:50.7 — the last time I got a share I got 95 leads and one paid trial
1:15.4 — as far as price it’s the cheapest clicks I have found
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This video discusses how to get more leads for your business. It discusses what you might currently be doing using social media or free ways but gives you other ideas on how to get more leads.

Aside from what you might currently be doing you probably got to this video searching for ideas on how to get more leads. Leads are the lifeblood of your business and if you don’t have leads you won’t get sales and the more leads you get the more sales as well.

One way you might want to consider how to get more leads is to do some solo ads, which can be very effective. With any paid advertising you will always get some leads but depending on the clicks and traffic will determine the number you actually get after it completes. This is one paid option on how to get more leads.

When considering how to get more leads if you are doing Facebook marketing you can do some pay per click ads and/or promote a post on your fan page. In your efforts on how to get more leads you may want to do some split testing of your ads to see which one gets better results and over time you will know which ones are more cost effective. If you’re per pay click get you good results you can run them on a schedule as your budget permits.

When I am thinking about how to get more leads I always keep myself open to new ideas and keep my eyes out on perhaps what someone else has done and they got good results.

Recently I learned two new ways on how to get leads. One, which I will share here with you and the other, I will keep as a secret for now.
The one thing I recently starting doing and I have been getting leads from is pay for view or PPV. PPV is not well know or not being used by a lot of people so it is worth considering. Currently I am get clicks at twelve cents each which is really cheap and in fact the cheapest clicks I have found so far. It’s relevantly simple, however you do need to set up a custom capture page in my lead system pro and use the PPV template. If you are interested in exploring this option on how to get more leads their website is There is a minimum of $200 to fund an account with them.

The other option I mentioned is something I am just getting started with so I won’t give any details here. If you are not using custom capture pages in your marketing you really should consider it. When you wonder about how to get more leads I can tell you that custom capture pages convert 50% higher than your regular links so if you are not using them you should seriously consider it The system you get with my lead system pro gives you the ability to create custom capture pages and add your own video.

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How to get 200+ OTHER people to eagerly syndicate & SHARE your website or blog on a regular basis – Chances are if you’re reading this post, you have a website or blog to and have been marketing online to increase your exposure. Perhaps you’re doing some PPC marketing, maybe video marketing, maybe article marketing. You may be working on optimizing your site for search engines (SEO) to try to get your blog or website ranked on the first page.

Or maybe you’re new to the world of online marketing and just have your content but no marketing strategy or plan really in place — or nothing that’s working to generate traffic anyway…

Whatever it is you’re doing online, you’ve surely heard about the importance of social media and the impact it can have in taking something viral. When your content starts getting shared, tweeted, commented on, liked, digged, stumbledupon you know that piece of content is getting massive exposure — much more than you could ever do just on your own! That’s the power of social media and social marketing.

Now I’m not just talking about YOU sharing your content on facebook, or putting up a tweet about it on twitter. That’s a start but you ranting and raving about your own stuff isn’t as powerful as a 3rd party or even many 3rd parties (aka social proof!).
So how can you get your content — perhaps a post about your residual income business, some training material or empowering message, maybe a product review or anything else — to go viral via social media?

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Epic Squeeze Review | Epic Squeeze

Epic Squeeze Review :
Epic Squeeze is Amazing wordpress plugin to Create Professional Guru Style and extremely high-converting squeeze pages in literally seconds with a few clicks of your mouse. This Epic Squeeze software gives you the ability to customize these pages until your heart is contempt. Epic Squeeze is different with other squeeze page plugins and even applications, this is built specifically for advanced marketers. With more customization, advanced functionality and features than ever seen before in anything else. With Epic Squeeze, you can put background image into your squeeze pages with your fantasy with a one-click image search function.

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With Epic Squeeze, You are able to make any YouTube video or your video the background for your squeeze page literally with one-click and set the EXACT start time. You can set every point you want on your video. So let’s say you don’t want the first 15 seconds of whatever the video is, but you want it to start at a certain point — you can set that here, and that is not available anywhere else. And here’s the kicker: you can actually set the start time — how far into that video you want to be the start time of the video.

Now let’s talk about the tracking features that Epic Squeeze brings to you, that nothing else we’ve ever seen does. You’re going to be able to track all sorts of metrics, on all incoming traffic, for unlimited squeeze pages. With Epic Squeeze, any page on your WordPress site can be a different squeeze page, and could have its own tracking variables and data. And with Epic Squeeze you’re going to be able to track raw hits, unique clicks, opt-ins, sales, and much more. You’re also going to be able to effortlessly track on high-converting exit pops — if you want an exit pop on your squeeze page — literally just by copying and pasting a single URL.

This Epic Squeeze plugin works with any niche. From solo ad sellers to product owners it takes is a few clicks and you are off and running. One click Autoresponder integration, one click thank you page redirection, one easy click to track all your visitors. And as far as professional design goes, every single thing is complete in this plugin. Custom backgrounds, fonts, special effects, anything you need to push that lead into your funnel and give you the edge is in there. I build my list daily and use Epic Squeeze — nothing else. There is no reason for anything else.

With the Geographic segmentation part of the software I can now build a list of only English Speaking Countries like US. CA, AU, UK and the best of all I can sell the traffic at a premium price.

This Epic Squeeze WordPress plugin is the most easy and incredible I’ve ever used. with no knowledge about squeeze pages I made over 40% conversions squeeze pages! It’s absolutely incredible, easy, comfortable, it’s a must purchase for every internet marketer. Its Insane piece of art. Finally I can create squeeze pages fast.

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“How To Make Quick Money Online”

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In this short article I may discuss How To Make Quick Money Online. This post will educate you on steps to start making cash relatively rapidly, but not really overnight.

The initial step in your own quest to create quick cash online is to locate a good item. This product ought to be of high quality; if your own product is actually inferior you won’t be earning money for lengthy. You should think about a few pre-determined questions before selecting: Is a genuine need with this product? Is the product an answer to a typical need or even problem? Is my personal product inexpensive enough to really sell towards the average customer? Does my personal product do exactly what is guarantees? If you can’t answer indeed to these types of questions you’ve not found an advisable product.

The next phase to help to make quick cash online is really a strategy for marketing the product. There are numerous ways to generate income. Some price money plus some are free of charge. I know this really is hard to think, but it’s real. You can purchase any quantity of services to promote your item, or perform what I actually do and do-it-yourself. This article you’re reading at this time is actually among the free methods to generate income. The definitive goal of online marketing is visitors. If you’ve enough traffic along with a solid product there isn’t any way you won’t make cash. Article marketing may be the easiest as well as quickest method to drive traffic for your site, and on top of that free.

Article marketing isn’t just slapping a few words on the notepad document and obtaining published, that won’t help your own cause. The first as well as perhaps most essential requirement of article promotion is deciding on the best keywords. You need to do a small research to locate keywords which will get large sums of visitors. Keywords are that which you type in the various search engines to discover what you are searching for. A great keyword is actually one which has a lot associated with searches without that lots of folks competing for this. I make use of Google AdWords to analyze keywords. This tool lets you know how numerous searches you will find every month for each keyword as well as similar key phrases you enter. Then you visit regular Search engines and research the keyword of the choice along with quotation marks round the keyword or keyword. A great keyword may have a 1000 plus hits for each ten 1000 to twenty-five 1000 results.

The the next thing you need to do in article promotion is to possess your key phrase strategically positioned throughout your own articles. You should aim for it to stay each article a minimum of four occasions. It can also be essential that you use the precise word or even phrase.

Your articles ought to be just such as your item. They ought to solve an issue or fulfill a require. If your own article isn’t helpful the reason why would anybody care to see it once they can simply click to the next 1. Make certain your content articles are content material rich and you’ll gain the following. Remember which traffic may be the main concentrate of any kind of marketing. Give the actual reader exactly what they are searching for and you’ll gain their own trust. If your own readers trust after this you they may click your hyperlink that simply so is actually in the actual resource box of the article. If your own product is actually reputable and may help your own reader using their need you’ve got a sale in your hands. You won’t sell your own product in order to everyone that clicks via. You may actually just sell around three to 6 percent. The greater articles you’ve the much more traffic you’ll receive. Do a few research and begin writing, then publish your projects on as numerous worthwhile article directory sites you’ll find.

How to Use YouTube to Make Money Online

When it comes to making money online, there are many ways to do it. You can use PPC, Internet Marketing, affiliate programs, Youtube Ebooks, and a thousand or more other ways to make your money and run your business. The tricky part is that with each of those ways to make money online, there are a number of ways to market for profit. YouTube for example can be used in a number of different ways to make money. You can buy ads there and make money every time the ads are clicked, you can make your own videos and sell your business that way, or you can get paid every time someone simply downloads something you have put up there. It is easy, but it is not a get rich quick scheme, so you need to have the patience and the fortitude to make your business exactly what you want to make it. Here we talk about ways to use YouTube to expand your profit potential.

It should go without saying that anything online that generates hits or traffic is a good way to make money online. So, with YouTube generating several millions of hits every single day, it would be foolish not to consider this website as a potential income stream for you. The most standard way of making money with YouTube is by already having a business in place, and then creating videos about your business, and marketing the videos on YouTube. This is easy if you already have a business. But what if you want to create a business with the help of YouTube?

By becoming a YouTube partner, which is easy to do, you can make more money with YouTube. It is not any different than affiliate marketing. Instead of marketing someone else’s product however, you market someone else’s video. The result? You get thanked for marketing someone else’s video by being paid every time someone views it. Most people can do this through their blog, or on YouTube it is referred to as your channel. In order for you to become a YouTube partner, your channel will need to have a large following. This is easy enough to do if you spend the time on YouTube interacting with the website in a way that generates your good following.

Another way to use YouTube is to promote videos on your website that have high traffic. Using the high traffic from YouTube, you are able to generate a higher traffic count to your own website as well. All you would do is choose a high traffic video that is pertinent to your blog or website, embed the video into your website, and go from there. You may first write a post or entry about the video you are offering, but in a teaser way that leads your reader to click the video. By writing content that matches the video, you will get additional traffic because people will be searching for that content, and also for the video that has already earned high traffic. This way anytime someone clicks on the download link, you will get paid.

When it comes to making money online, methods such as YouTube, ebooks, and others are almost considered old school. But as you know, anything old school is usually a good concept to work with in business, because it works.

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