All Inclusive Ads Review: My Results & Opinions

What makes All Inclusive Ads (AIA) a powerful program that can improve your business sales? Members are saying that their sales have greatly improved after they joined AIA. This is a feat that was not accomplished by other advertising programs they have tried in the past. What is with AIA that other programs do not have?

What Is the Ultimate Power of AIA?

These are some of the factors that all contribute to AIA’s ultimate power. Advertising becomes easier if you learn about what AIA can do for you. Read and know more about what makes this program the boost that your business needs.

• Ten sites promoted for just one account. Most of the other advertising programs out there only allow their users to promote one site or link for the account they have signed up. With AIA, you have the power to promote ten of your sites or links with just one account. Everything is there in that one account so you do not have to keep on memorizing different log in information. While other programs also limit the member to one account per user only, AIA allows you to add another account so you can promote more than ten websites. With this feature of AIA, you have the power to test various links and put those that generate you more money.

• Traffic generated is converted to real sales. Most would say that any traffic generated that does not lead to sales is useless. You get to promote your products and services but nobody really purchases something. This is the dilemma that non-AIA members encounter. AIA makes sure that any hits or traffic that are generated for members do not just eat up their bandwidth. With AIA, your sites do not just get viewers who will just pass by. You will get actual buyers who will spend money on the products and services that you offer. AIA does not just help you attract potential customers they help you get real money into your accounts.

• Setting up your account is as easy as 1-2-3. AIA will not waste your time requiring you to go over a lot of technical and advertising speak that by the end of the day will not generate traffic for your site. AIA values your time through a quick and easy to accomplish sign up process so you will have more time focusing on your business. You only need five minutes to complete the sign up process by filling out several forms. After a few clicks, you are set so you can start getting website traffic. AIA will do the advertising for you while you just sit and wait for traffic and sales to start pouring in.

These are just a few of the AIA’s features that contribute to its ultimate power. AIA has a lot of guaranteed results that are gained through methods that have been proven effective in the field of online advertising. AIA is the power that you need for your business to skyrocket to success.

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Internet Marketing Brings Highly Targeted Traffic

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It is a frustrating thing to pay for an ad to be circulated in thousands of newspapers, and know that only a small amount will actually be a possible fit for your service. Let’s take a look at two examples to help illustrate this principle. Let’s assume that you run a law practice:

1) You run an ad in the local newspaper, that reaches about 50,000 people. Many will see your ad, but how many are in need of a lawyer at this point in time? Your strategy is to make an impression on as many people as possible, in hopes that when they do need a lawyer, they will remember your ad. You are also hoping to grab people that are in need of a laywer at that specific time in their life.
2) You optimize your website and get it ranking at the top of Google. Someone is in need of a lawyer and they go to their computer and type in “your town lawyer”. Your firm comes up at the top and the prospect finds your website and clicks on your website, being further exposed to your marketing.

Do you see how different these two situations are? In order to succeed with situation #1, you need to run ads in the newspaper constantly, hoping to make an impression on the audience and grabbing people at the perfect time of opportunity. Situation #2 however, relies on getting yourself to the top of the search engines, and whenever people look for a law service online, you are right there at the top. Pretty powerful eh?

The point I am trying to make is that when people search for a local service online, they are looking for that service right then and there. These are the types of people you need to be targeting!
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You have to have good quality leads to promote your opportunity. It’s just as simple as that! No matter how awesome your business opportunity is, if nobody knows about it’s just not worth much.

As important as leads are, you don’t need just any leads, you need targeted, focused leads. Leads that consist of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Targeted leads that drive traffic to your opportunity website. And these type of leads can be very expensive. Facebook ads, solo ads, banners on other websites etc, etc are all proven ways to generate leads.

But leads generated via the afore mentioned methods are not only expensive but temporary, unless you intend to continue renewing (paying) for them over and over again.

I’ve recently been introduced to a fantastic way to generate leads using YouTube. Click on the link above, it will take you to a short video describing a way to not only get your lead producing videos but give you a step by step method to create, upload and get your lead producing videos to the very top of your niche on YouTube. All for pennies on the dollars. And your videos will remain on YouTube forever, continuing to produce leads for you, over and over for 1 small monthly fee.

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