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– Whether you manage your firm’s pay-per-click campaigns in-house, or you have hired an outside agency, there are five critical question you need to use to evaluate the success of your campaign from month to month. These questions are:
1. How many leads did PPC drive?
2. What was my average cost per lead?
3. On what 5 search phrases am I spending the most PPC money? What percentage of my total PPC spend are these 5 phrases?
4. What are the top 5 cities that I am spending the most PPC money in?
What percentage of my total PPC spend are these 5 cities?
5. How many ad impressions, potential clicks and leads did I miss out on due to budget?
In this Fireside Chat, Mark Kelly, Chair10 Marketing’s President and CEO, steps through each question and explains how the answers can indicate campaign success or the need for improvement. In the process of your PPC evaluation, you’ll also gain a better understanding of the value of your lead-generation activities as a whole.

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