Getting Traffic to your site for free
There are many ways of getting traffic to your site. Today I will be talking about a way to get instant high quality traffic to your site.

WARNING: This is not easy or quick but does not cost any money, just time

Step 1

Make a list of all the keywords / search terms for your site

Step 2

Search each keyword in Google, Yahoo AND Bing

Step 3

From the top 10 results (The first page of results usually) write down the sites. You want to make sure these sites are blogs, forums, Q&As (Like Yahoo answers)

This list will be your holy grail of online marketing for your site. Don’t lose this list.

Go on each of these sites, skim the content and post a short message that continues on with conversation or answer a question that someone posted. Be real, answer the question if you can, don’t make stuff up.

The short post could be as simple as:

“I had trouble losing weight, too. But I finally found the system that worked for me and my friends. I have free info about this on my site at”

By doing this you get free instant exposure, great back links & free traffic by putting up a quick message on these sites.

There are 2 huge benefits from getting mentioned on these targeted, high traffic sites (even if your the one doing it)

#1 – Instant Exposure

These sites have traffic and visitors right now, so your site can be seen as soon as your post is up, everyone can see your post.

#2 – High Quality Back links

Links from other sites to your site are a big part of how the search engines rank each webpage

When you have more links, you generally win the ranking battle

I know that this seems like alot of work to create the keyword list, do all the searches & copy down all the top sites but if you do it, you will get results.

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