How to get 200+ OTHER people to eagerly syndicate & SHARE your website or blog on a regular basis – Chances are if you’re reading this post, you have a website or blog to and have been marketing online to increase your exposure. Perhaps you’re doing some PPC marketing, maybe video marketing, maybe article marketing. You may be working on optimizing your site for search engines (SEO) to try to get your blog or website ranked on the first page.

Or maybe you’re new to the world of online marketing and just have your content but no marketing strategy or plan really in place — or nothing that’s working to generate traffic anyway…

Whatever it is you’re doing online, you’ve surely heard about the importance of social media and the impact it can have in taking something viral. When your content starts getting shared, tweeted, commented on, liked, digged, stumbledupon you know that piece of content is getting massive exposure — much more than you could ever do just on your own! That’s the power of social media and social marketing.

Now I’m not just talking about YOU sharing your content on facebook, or putting up a tweet about it on twitter. That’s a start but you ranting and raving about your own stuff isn’t as powerful as a 3rd party or even many 3rd parties (aka social proof!).
So how can you get your content — perhaps a post about your residual income business, some training material or empowering message, maybe a product review or anything else — to go viral via social media?

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