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What is Audello?
Audello is a newly launched audio marketing and podcasting software developed by Josh Bartlett. Josh was the man behind Easy Video Suite which was undoubtedly the best known online video marketing tool famous among a large number of entrepreneurs and internet marketers. On the other hand, Podcasting has been around for a decade now, however, in the past 2 years it has apprehended in an incredible way as anyone can raise a number of their audience.

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Audello renders people with the cognition to create email lists while generating a huge number of sales and profits from those email lists, side by side creating simple content and uploading the content to subsisting distribution networks to detect targeted traffic. The program teaches people to use the power of content marketing to turn them into fans and buyers. It also teaches people to create their own subscriber listing and acquire how to place themselves as an authority in their selected niche. This system makes people get a number of clients that bring forth revenue each month. Adding to its greatness, people do not need any sort of technical knowledge or prior experience in webinar marketing, email marketing or podcast marketing. It is an easy to use system even for the novices.

Audello is a new software that helps with the creation of podcast audio as well as the marketing and promotion side. This is especially important as just uploading your podcast audio to iTunes and hoping marketers will find it will not work. It’s essential to market and start building your audience to get your podcast to take off.

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