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http://www.videoranking.ninja/discount/cgsx3.php ~ Leads

You have to have good quality leads to promote your opportunity. It’s just as simple as that! No matter how awesome your business opportunity is, if nobody knows about it’s just not worth much.

As important as leads are, you don’t need just any leads, you need targeted, focused leads. Leads that consist of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Targeted leads that drive traffic to your opportunity website. And these type of leads can be very expensive. Facebook ads, solo ads, banners on other websites etc, etc are all proven ways to generate leads.

But leads generated via the afore mentioned methods are not only expensive but temporary, unless you intend to continue renewing (paying) for them over and over again.

I’ve recently been introduced to a fantastic way to generate leads using YouTube. Click on the link above, it will take you to a short video describing a way to not only get your lead producing videos but give you a step by step method to create, upload and get your lead producing videos to the very top of your niche on YouTube. All for pennies on the dollars. And your videos will remain on YouTube forever, continuing to produce leads for you, over and over for 1 small monthly fee.

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